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e-Cardiology encompasses the vast area of specialized computer methods in cardiovascular image processing, computational knowledge discovery, artificial intelligence, intelligent data analysis, bio-signal processing, signal modelling, predictive models development, e-health and mobile applications, and communications within and between hospitals.

Europe has embarked on a journey towards a seamless digital health revolution which brings together eHealth, mHealth and wearable health.

Diabetes care is Big Data in action: e.g. Roche 's blood sugar meters alone produce 6.5bn data points per year, 209 per second.




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With more than 16 years of leadership experience in industry, Dimiter has contributed greatly to the development of various digital and theranostic platforms. His previous industry positions include Associate Medical Director, Feasability Manager, Senior Staff Scientits. Dimiter is a distinguished clinical endocrinologist and general physician, with a strong academic background. Prior to moving into industry, he held an academic consultant appointments in internal medicine and adult endocrinology.


DiaVita stands for Digital Vitae. We are building the Next-Generation Healthcare: Real-Time Digital Practices with Cloud-Capable Infrastructure, by applicable ICT domains e.g., telemedicine, mHealth, IoT,

AI high-performance computing data analysis and shared open source Cloud based platforms.

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